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About me

I am a franco-ivorian born in 1995 who studied medicine, pharmacy and public health at the university of Bordeaux, France. 

In 2015, I worked as a medical assistant in Nepal where I was shocked to realize that many of the medicines I was supposed to give to my patients were counterfeit. After similar experiences in Tanzania, I founded Meditect with the goal of improving access to medicines in emerging markets. 

My mission is to offer top quality medicine affordable for all. 

In order to reach this aim, I launched in 208 Meditect. We began the journey by developing a digital solution to guarantee the authenticity of the medicines. Then, we developed the most efficient management software to help pharmacists work more efficiently and increase the number of drugs on the shelves. 

I am based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

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Cofounder & CEO of Meditect | Making top quality drugs, available and affordable in Africa